Rock LP, born Marshall Anderson, started playing the piano at age 7 and producing in a professional studio environment by age 12. Rock reflects that the first time hearing hip-hop music changed him entirely. Since those early days, Rock LP has remained a studio junkie and thrives in both production and lyricism. He paid for his first official session at 14 and was hooked after that first recording. Growing up in a relatively unknown location, Orem UT, where hip-hop wasn’t too relevant, Rock has succeeded in making a name for himself that will travel well outside happy valley. Rock LP contributes his musical and lyrical diversity to the unique combination of the hip-hop/punk scene that he was heavily involved in while living in SLC.

"I was blessed by all sides of the hip-hop world."

Rock LP finds that he is most motivated by having a purpose, but that wasn’t always the case. Early adolescence allowed for poor decision making, but the consequences were far from lenient. Rock has struggled deeply with anxiety, paranoia, and depression in addition to being a convicted felon and drug addict by the age of 20. Despite the mental and emotional anguish, music always provided a safe escape. More than just making beats, Rock found his passion in exploring the sense of fulfillment that only comes from doing what you love and enjoy. That same sense of fulfillment is what Rock LP hopes to inspire all the Banditz of the world to find for themselves.

About Rock LP

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